[jimtcl] Jimtcl as scripting language for a text editor

Detlef Groth dgroth at uni-potsdam.de
Mon Nov 22 05:49:46 UTC 2021

Hey all,

I would like to use Jimtcl as scripting language for the small Jasspa MicroEmacs text editor - http://www.jasspa.com/ .

The goal is to write in addition to the ME macros as well functions in Jimtcl. 

I checked the Github repository and there the folder https://github.com/msteveb/jimtcl/tree/master/examples.api which contains a few examples. However the only example which should help me here is the example:

	Similar "Hello world!" program, but the result comes from a Tcl
	script interpreted in Jim. Result is printed back on a terminal.

However this example is not in the repository :(

Would it be possible to add this example again? And are there additional pointers to some documentation or real world examples/applications which helps me in embedding Jimtcl as scripting language in an existing C/C++ application?

All the best,


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